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Guitar 904 – Koa OM moving forward

May 11, 2009

Made progress, finished kerfing and radiussing the top and back.


Spent time pencilling in the general neck shape and removing excess with the bandsaw.  Waiting for graphite rods before attaching headstock veneer and trimming tapered side shape.

Guitar 904 – Koa OM Inauguration

May 8, 2009

Hey Beth!  I’ve started your guitar!  I promise not to let all those other guitars I’m working on get in the way of my progress on yours.

I’ve prepped and bent all the binding and purfling.  I used a jig screwed to the workbench to glue BWB to the ebony binding.


I’ve completed the thickness sanding of the sides, and have bent both in the bending machine.  Next step to transfer them to the mold and install the neck block and end block.


I’ve started the neck construction by building the stacked heel block and gluing on the angled headstock.



Once these parts came out of the clamps, I planed down the sufaces to smooth.  Next step to route out the truss rod channels and attach the neck block to the neck.


Guitar 904 – Plan in Place

April 21, 2009

It’s official, Beth and I have agreed upon a design and woods and style.  I have ordered (and partially received) the components to build Beth a Koa OM.  Today, I received the Koa, from Notable Woods, and Beth is pleased with the choice.



I showed in an earlier post some design considerations, and with only some slight alterations, we will proceed with ebony binding and BWB purfling with the koa and spruce body.  Lots of opportunity to adapt along the way and make this a really special guitar.  I’m even entertaining a koa headstock with a real groovy shape (for those of you who don’t know, groovy means cool).


I warned Beth that it will take some months before completion, to which she replied, “But I’m playing in a wedding in June!”.

She was joking.

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