July 1, 2010

The year is half gone and two completed guitars have gone out the door.  One guitar is in process, and there’s grand plans to start building ukes.  I’ve also got my sights set on building a guitar modelled after a Gibson L-00.  The Uke and Gibson project requires the building of molds, templates and jigs.

I’ve got a handful of repairs in the backlog which I’ll have to balance with the new construction.  I’m wrapping up the neck reset for the Gretsch New Yorker, and I have several major overhauls which have been waiting for an opening.

I’ve finished rebuilding the router table, and have designed a jig for brace radiusing.  I’m looking into CNC tools and software as a side opportunity.  CNC could be a valuable skill/tool especially if I begin to productionalize the building process through repeatable construction processes.

All this and I’m starting a program called Alt Routes to Secondary Mathematics Certification.  Translation:  High School math teacher.  The program begins July 12.  Summer courses end early August, then I dive into a school year long internship at a local high school.  By the end of the school year, next June, I should be certified.