This self indulgent webspace is for you to cozy into my world of building guitars and ukes. I seriously considered my need to make something tangible that I could pick up, examine, and sense a modicum of pride.  As a musician, I’ve always admired the craft of instrument building and marveled at the coincidence of tone and beauty in a fine guitar. So it only made sense, to me, to delve into guitar building.

I started with a kit from Stewart MacDonald in late 2007, and after spending far too much money on luthier specific tools, I finished my second guitar, which I gave to my daughter, Rachel.  It’s an OM Serviced Rosewood kit from LMI.  I needed funding to keep up my habit, so successfully began commissioning guitars.  I build guitars to customer’s specifications as well as on spec.

This webspace contains threads for each guitar and will grow with each new venture.  The links point to sites of interest for guitar builders and my sources for materials and inspiration.

Take a look, make a comment, give me encouragement, and if you want, I’ll build you a guitar or restore that old beater in the attic you’ve been meaning to start playing again.