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Jigs and Workboards

June 20, 2011

Working on jigs and workboards today.  I’ve decided to create a neck shaping jig, simply a platform to clamp the neck to so I can stick it in the vise and have clearance to shape the backside of the neck and heel.


I’ve continued to fine tune the Hybrid workboard.  First step was to hollow out the surface to a 28′ radius to compensate for the bridge area bulge.  I marked a few elevation lines as guides.


I used a router with a rounded bit set to 4mm depth for the center, then dropping 1mm for each of the next elevation lines until the final shelf was routed to a depth of 1mm.

I used the table saw to complete the slots from the edges in toward the center where the dowel clamps go.


Finally, a tripod stand was mounted to the back for resting on the workbench or clamping into the vise.


Uke 1101 – Frets

June 19, 2011

Sanded the fretboard smooth down to 220 grit.  Pounded in frets and trimmed.


Guitar 1002 – Bridge Plate

June 19, 2011

Bracing is installed and trimmed, awaiting final sanding.  Bridge plate installed and X-brace patch installed.


Guitar 1002 – Bracing Installed

June 16, 2011

All back bracing and top bracing/tonebars have been installed (glued and clamped).


The braces have been pre-shaped for minimal chiseling.  After further shaping, and feathering the ends down toward the edges, I will install an x-brace patch over the joint, then sand.


The bridge plate will finally be installed prior to joining back, sides and top.

Guitar 1002 – Bracing Continues

June 12, 2011

I have begun the process of finger planing/shaping the back braces.  I’m also 75% complete on gluing/clamping all the top braces.  I’m heavily preshaping the top braces as my past experience has been that this is a more efficient method than planing/shaping after the braces have been installed.

The owner of 1001 dropped by to request a tweak.  His open A string had the dreaded wolf-tone which was really a small gap underneath the nut on the fretboard side.  A simple filing of the nut slot to release the gap fixed the problem.

I’m also continuing to apply lacquer filler to the headstock for the 12 string Ovation repair.  I’ve reattached the sheared headstock, repaired are relacquered the truss rod cover, and after the lacquer filler cures I’ll spray several coats of touch up lacquer then sand and buff.  It should be ready later next week.  I would like to get this back to the customer before we head out to Alaska for our RV adventure.

Guitar 1002 – Workboard and Back Bracing

June 10, 2011

I completed the side supports for the workboard for Guitar 1002.  The workboard is an alternative to the body mold which I have used for previous guitars.  As I’m using a Spanish Heel, the neck will be attached to the top plate before the sides are installed.  The workboard allows the top and neck to be secured.


Each dowel side support will be in a slot to allow adjusting the position to create the final and proper shape for the sides before gluing to the top.  I will also need to dish out the lower bout area of the workboard to accommodate the radius bulge of the top from the X-bracing.

I have rough cut all the bracing.  The top bracing will be spruce, and back bracing cedar.  The back bracing is radiussed to 15′ before gluing.