Ovation Repair – Head Reattached

May 28, 2011

The neck clamp has been removed and the glue squeeze out sanded away.  The finish is wonky on the face of the headstock and will require extensive filling.


The crack is visible on the backside due to stress of the finish pulling away from the surface.


If the customer wants, I can stop here and restring.  To complete refinishing and buffing and polishing will take another two weeks due to curing time.

The Curious Case of the Severed Head

May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

A colleague has requested a repair of his 12-string Ovation which has the sad malady of a severed head.

Fortunately, the break was clean, along grain, and in a location which will be easy to clamp.

A bit of cleanup on the center lamination, then a dry fit clamping to test crack closure before gluing up and clamping to set overnight.

The time consuming portion of this repair will be in cleaning up the finish and filling the gaps.  Still it should come in well under the estimate.