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Wintergrass – come and gone

February 28, 2010

Wintergrass concludes today.  Four days in the Spruce Room (Instrument Makers) where the Seattle Luthier’s Group set up a display flanked by mandolin makers, banjo makers, violin and bow makers.

We seemed to have crashed the bluegrass party as most of our guitars were decidedly not within the paradigm of bluegrass appropriate (i.e., dreadnoughts).  Regardless, we did get a lot of interested pickers.  Our little bet amongst ourselves has not yet been resolved:  “First sale buys the beers”.



Guitar 905 and 906

February 14, 2010

Just finished application of the sixth coat of lacquer for both guitars.  Minimum of 6 more coats before setting aside to cure for 7 to 14 days.

Guitar 905 and 906 – A few new images






Guitar 905 and 906 – Second Pass

February 5, 2010

Waited a few hours then went back into spray booth to apply second coat of sanding sealer.



Guitar 905 and 906 – Sanding Sealer

February 5, 2010

Ventured into the new spray booth today for the first time.  Got both guitars sanded down and masked and applied first sanding sealer coat of lacquer.  After it dries I’ll give a quick scuff of scotch-brite before applying the pore filler.  I should be able to do a first coat of pore filler this afternoon.  I’m going to apply several coats of pore filler as previous experience showed one was not enough to get a glass-like surface for the hardwoods.

Two views of Guitar 905, the Walnut OM:



Now 906, the Koa Parlor: