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Harmony Sovereign Headstock Repair

May 6, 2019 

My amigo, David, presented me with a decapitated Harmony Sovereign.  I was able to reattach and (from the suggestion of others) reinforce with one of my sMg headplates.  

Photos showing fit (or lack thereof) of sheared headstock.

Note the high quality credit card cutout used as a truss rod cover.

Climbing Back Onto the Slow Moving Train

May 1, 2019

I am slowly, with caution, climbing back into building and repair.  I have repaired one of my earlier guitars for a customer.  The curve in the upper bout sproinged (technical term for separated).

I have also helped a friend reattach a sheared headstock on his Harmony Sovereign.  

In the wings are the finishing (as in lacquer) of a koa Ukelele, Rosewood OM, and Myrtle Parlor, and Palo Escrito Macaferri.