For the past 2+ years I have barely held a dull chisel, powered up my defective drum sander, or applied health detrimental nitrocellulose lacquer.  Life has interfered with craft.  My workshop is located far from home and only gets visitation to pay the monthly space rental.

Today I put the gears in motion to buy a house.  I’ve been renting since June 2013.  In November, I will move to a new house which contains space for my workshop.  When the muse strikes, I will only need walk down a flight of stairs to the workshop.  Will that be enough to get me back in the saddle?  It must.  I have several commitments to complete guitars and ukes which I’m sure have caused some discomfort in those awaiting.

I need to take care in knowing the difference between dreams and reality.  I will only know when it happens.  November 15th?

UPDATE:  I have made it so!  I moved into my new home November 17th, and am working on converting the garage and downstairs bedroom into my workshop.  This process should take about two months, before I can begin the resumption of my craft.