July 23, 2015

Yes it has been way too long since I’ve updated this site.  Yes, I’ve made promises to myself to reestablish my guitar building activity.  Yes, many things have happened in the intervening days since I last put chisel to wood.  Yes, I’ve been dangerously close to abandoning building guitars and let that era pass.  There have been many reminders; mostly spam posts chiding me on my content and spelling on this site from bots designed to toy with my ego and fall for the ploy that all could and should be improved if I would just get off my ass and care a whit about how I’m presenting myself to those who are actively judging me.

I have been without a nearby workspace for over 2 years.  I relocated my shop to a rental space several miles away.  When the shop was in my home, it was difficult to motivate myself to walk down 15 stairs and put myself in front of the project du jour.  Imagine how that motivation waned when the shop got farther away from my recliner.

Saturday, upcoming, a bevy of beefy boys will assist me in moving the last of the power tools from the rental space into my newly concocted workshop in my newly procured home.  I’ve been in my new home since November, and have finally devised a way to get my shop into the basement bedroom adjacent to the garage, where I will have all I need (sans a spray booth) to resume my “hobby”.  There will still be 15 stairs between my recliner and the shop, but past experience has shown that more gets done in proportion to less distance between recliner and shop.

Phase One

The basement bedroom with pegboards and workbench installed.