May 23, 2008

Taking a few days off the craft to visit my Mom in SLC.  She just had her second titanium knee installed, and Carol and the kids and I are going to drop in to give support (even though she’s doing pretty well on her own).  I’m taking guitar 0108 along to show off to the relatives.

Spent a lot of time the past few days putting my shop back in shape.  I had a lot of scrap wood scattered around and tools lying on the bench.  I got a sharpening guide this week and spent time sharpening the chisels and plane blades.  Also crafted a jig on my stone holding board to hold the trimmed down fretboard for the OM Maple so I can easily radius sand down to the 16″ radius.  A few quick swipes with my 16″ reverse radius sanding block looks good, and I should be able to get down to the right radius quite quickly.

Good end result from the collection of scrap wood is that I have a nice set of spruce/rosewood strips to laminate up some nice side braces for the OM Maple.  I’m also ready to glue down the top braces, so all that plus the finishing routine for the OM Rosewood should keep me busy when I return from SLC