June 29, 2008

Used the free MDF from Dunn to build a mold for the Parlor.  I spent some time at the drafting board (really the ping pong table) and first made the posterboard half plate using the plans as a guide.  Then transferred to plexiglass to make a permanent half plate.  Used the plexiglass to trace on the MDF to start building the mold.


I ended up making the mold three ply, with the center section kind of a set of spacers rather than full sheet.  Was very careful to make square and to line up perfectly when adding the bolts.  Still, it’s a skosh off kilter, maybe by 1 mm.  I think that’s within my tolerances.  It looks right, and I put the sides in and the spreaders, and it will sit a bit before I get back to trimming the sides and gluing in the neck and butt block.