June 3, 2008

I started this blog as a means to document my progress through the guitar building projects which were mostly self initiated.  I somewhat knew that by putting myself out there in  the “sphere” that I would get some  hits from interested parties in my venture into building.  I did reach out to friends and family to seek their interest in commissioning projects, but I never suspected that total strangers would find an affinity to what I was producing and seek to use me as their vehicle for building the guitar they dreamed of (OK, I dangled my participle).

I had a very interesting inquiry from a person who found my blog through a search for guitar builders.  He liked something about what he read and saw in the photos which lead to questions about building a guitar of a detailed specificity which led me to believe he knew what he wanted and that there might be a fit between my ventures and his needs.

With a certain amount of amazement on my part, and a confirmation from my wife that this was not just some spam of the blog, I exchanged emails, and found that his desire to procure a particular type of guitar, and my ability to fulfill that need were coming together.

This is a moment in my building journey where I will hopefully look back at someday and say, “Yeah, there  was this guy who got one of my guitars just for the cost of materials.”  And, hopefully, he will turn to his friends and say, “I have one of the first sMg guitars ever produced!”  But that’s a skosh bit of egomania.

So, Mike, I look forward to our opportunity to build your dream guitar, that Mahogany OM, so much like the Martin OM-15.  And I also look forward to the day when you come back and tell me it’s the guitar you were looking for all this time.