June 10, 2008

Got my shipment today from LMI.  The backordered koa came through and I was real excited to see the components.  First, I laid out everything from in the box, sort of a still life presentation.


The Koa back wood is nicely figured and I can see the shimmer in the grain that will come out strong once lacquered.


The next shot is of the koa sides and you can see the purfling (which I had bent) sitting in with the sides and the ebony binding.


Finally, I’m jazzed about using mahogany as top material.  Still haven’t decided if I’m going to apply any stain.


The plans are straightforward and through a double check of components, I nailed everything I wanted.  With this guitar, I’m going to use the guitar work surface as referenced in Cumpiano instead of a mold.  Another diversion to help see what’s the best method for me.