September 29, 2008

Finished trimming down braces on back, removed excess backstrip, and glued back to rim in go-bar platform.


I use a masonite “ring” cut to the outer shape of the back, with the middle removed to accomodate the radius and provide a caul to protect the back from the go-bar rods.


Added a cross of fabric over the top of the top x-brace to fill gaps and add strength.  Used the approach of feathering the brace ends that meet the kerf down to nothing so I didn’t have to notch the kerf.  Glued it up and attached the top in the go-bar platform.


I special ordered a replacement collet and nut for my palm router (I broke the original).  It probably won’t come for a few weeks, so the next step of routing the channels for the purfling and binding will have to wait.  Tomorrow, I’ll continue the process of shaping the neck for the OM Maple.