September 30, 2008

I let the body dry overnight in the go-bar platform.  Did a good job with just enough glue and got no squeeze out from the kerf/top and kerf/back joint.  Did have a little at the neck block, but up underside, invisible to all without mirrors.  I signed the spruce top on the inside before gluing up (a hedge against counterfeiters, hah!).

Here’s the body before triming the overhang.


I used my body mounting jig clamped to the workbench to hold the body still while I use the megarouter to remove the scarf (if that’s what you want to call the overhang) with a flush cut router bit.


I can’t use this monster router to cut the channels for the purfling/binding as it’s too heavy.  I need to use my palm router, which is out of commisssion until I get a replacement collet.


Next step:  sand it sand it sand it, then wait.