October 8, 2008

Whew!  Construction in the workshop is complete.  I have plenty of cleanup to do vacuuming up the dust and sweeping up the crap I threw on the floor while building walls, installing insulation, wiring for plugs and lighting.  I’ve reinstalled the shelving in the new open space and after cleanup, it’s time to put everything back and devise new storage locations for jigs and radius dishes and oversize wood sheets and power tools usw.


The ceiling in the new space, which I will continue to call the mezzanine, is the underside of the front porch, so I still need to insert some insulation, and ultimately I want to paint the cement floor and somehow seal the old 1908 cement foundation wall and mezzanine shelf as they emit 100 years of old dirt still shedding off the funky cement (or is it concrete).  But that I can do at a later date as I start to build the spray booth which will occupy  the space previously held by the refrigerator.