November 15, 2008

Spent some time doing neck prep.  The plans for the Parlor have a bit wider neck than the OM, and subesequently, the bridge is “non standard”, and will require me to build my first bridge from scratch rather than using a pre-fab.  I worked on the neck in conjunction with working on the neck for 805.  I crafted a jig for the band saw which cuts the headstock piece off the neck blank at a 12 degree angle for reversing and gluing to create the long grain headstock attachment.  Just like 804, this jig gave me a not so square cut.  I believed at first it was the band saw drift, but it may be the jig is out of square.  I need to resolve.  Regardless, I sanded in attempt to square, but it’s not perfect.

I made a template of the fretboard using posterboard and laid it on the neck, traced, then cut out the excess using the band saw.  Sanded it back, then attached the headstock laminate (glue/clamp), drilled out the tuning machine holes and trimmed back the headstock to the final shaping.