November 24, 2008

Resigned to the fact that I will be thickness planing my tops, backs and sides with the Wagner Safe T Planer, I have designed and am now building a drill press mounted planing table.  I have finished the base, which is a 15″ x 24″ piece of particle board, with mounting bolts to attach to the drill press table.  I inserted a 24″ Tee channel which will be used to direct the top plate.  The top plate will have a cam clamping bar installed to hold down the wood which needs planing.  Here’s the base.  Still need to install a back fence as an additional guide for the top plate.  The top plate will be 12″ x 38″ and designed to allow clamping of both top/backs and sides.  The idea is cool, but we’ll see how practical it is, and if I can really do some accurate thickness planing.