December 14, 2008

I ranted earlier about sharpening and burnishing my cabinet scraper.  I remember using a properly burnished scraper and how quickly it worked fairing the binding on the body down to the sides.  I couldn’t get a good burnish reestablished and I was contemplating abandoning guitar making and resuming drinking.

After reviewing several interweb instructions, I resumed and got a good burnish on the scraper.  Let me tell you right now, a well burnished scraper is worth its weight in brazillian rosewood.  It curls off the binding and purfling smoothly and quickly, and I even took time to burnish again before I was finished, which is not behavior typical of Mr. Me.

One site recommended cleansing the scraper in dry ice bubbling in acetone:


but I soon realized it was bogus.

Now the body of the Koa Parlor is ready for fine sanding and finishing.  I’m entertaining the possibility of abandoning KTM-9 and trying nitrocellulose.  My wife has agreed to let me try, but she’ll let me know the second she get’s a whiff and makes me stop.