January 1, 2009

For 2009 I have 4 projects in progress:

1.  Guitar 804 – Koa Parlor.  The hard part is over.  The body is assembled, the neck is rough shaped and the mortise and tenon are approximately shaped.  My plan is to tackle 804 as my primary, with the intention of finishing before the end of January.

2.  Guitar 805 – 12 string dreadnought.  I need to solve the thicknessing issue to proceed.  The neck is ready for shaping, the dred mold is constructed, and the side bending and plate joining will come as soon as the back, sides, and top are thickness planed.  I need to finish this guitar by mid February.

3.  Guitar 901 – Zebrez.  This is my personal resonator guitar.  I’ve essentially got all the components, and I should avoid working on this at the peril of not finishing 804 and 805.

4.  Classical Guitar Repair.  I need to inform my brother-in-law that this will get my attention after the end of February.

Possible additional guitars.  Larry mentions some others with interest in commissions.