January 11, 2009

The Koa Parlor is moments away from being ready for lacquer.  First added threaded nuts to the tenon, insereted the truss rod and applied glue.


Clamped wood is in place to keep the tenon from splitting while inserting the threaded nuts.


Glue on the neck, trying to avoid the truss rod.  Small pins were set in the neck, through the fretboard at the 4th and 11th fret slots to hold the fretboard in alignment when clamping down with the rubber band.


The rubber band does a good job of holding the fretboard tight against the neck and centering on the preshaped neck.



After the band was removed, side dots added, then sanded down to bring neck and fretboard in alignment.


Accidently superglued the neck to my ear, but I got it off.