January 26, 2009

Ah I have completed my favorite part of guitar building:  the installation of the binding and purfling and binding the fretboard.


I now have a lot of “fairing and squaring” to do. I used ivroid for the first time (it cost me $20 extra buck just to have it shipped).  I used #16 weld on cement and a hair dryer to soften for bending around the lower portion of the fretboard.



It’s very much like a guitar, and not hard to imagine what it will look like fully finished.


This was taken before I bound the fretboard, so it extends down farther than actual.


Time to tackle the shaping of the neck, oh, and I’m going to make a tracing/rubbing of my 12 string Taylor bridge.  I like the shape, and I think it will look nicer than the std. Martin style bridge.