January 30, 2009

I was worried.  I was fretting (OK, this is a guitar analogy).  But I’m very close to finishing this guitar before the deadline.

I installed a heel cap in keeping with BWB theme of the guitar.


Next step was to glue on the fretboard and install the marker dots.


After recognizing that the neck needs some serious thinning, I still installed the bolt on inserts.


Next step, intall the frets.


Trim them up and get ready to see what it looks like as a potential guitar.  I did have to add some material to the area between the headstock and the fretboard, as there was a bit of dip which would effect the level set of the nut.


Once all this came together, it looked a lot like a guitar.


I’m tempted to see what it looks like in the case (I was worried the oversized headstock might not fit).


It fits!  Tomorrow, some serious 220 grit sanding in preparation for the vinyl sealer.