January 3, 2009

Now that my keyboard has self healed, I can add captions to these posted photos.


I purchased a planer, and successfully created excelsior!  Actually, it worked very well on the spruce, but I erred seriously on a walnut side.  See below.


Joined the top plates, then sanded down.  I’m at 3.5mm, which may be right for a 12 string top.  I’ll measure my Taylor to see, then sand down to the appropriate thickness after I install the rosette.


This spruce has a lot of color change going on, which is an intentional choice of the commissionee.


Narrow grain at center widens out toward the sides.


The back pieces were warped, and I took a stab at flattening with heating blanket.  Helped, but only a wee bit.


Here’s a detail look at the back after joining and some sanding.  It’s still warped, and my hope is that the braces will hold it to shape.


Here’s the result of improper use of the planer on the walnut sides.  Let this be a lesson to you!  I THOUGHT I was paying attention to the grain direction, but erred and chopped out several large hunks.  This piece may be salvagable, but I’m not sure yet what for.  It’s now too short to be used as sides, even on a small parlor guitar.  Maybe a uke.  Nah.