January 19, 2009

As I wait for the walnut sides for the 12 string to arrive, I had a little free time to work on Zebrez.  I decided to use a simple black plastic binding for both back and top with no purfling.  As I want to try a sunburst finish for the top, I felt purfling would be distracting.

The plastic binding is applied with #16 Weld On acrylic cement.  Very easy to use compared to AR glue and wood bindings matched with purfling.


This shows the back binding after gluing and holding in place with binding tape.  Before doing the binding, I inserted a black plastic end graft piece.


First I cut out the channel for the graft, then carved out the wood to the depth of the graft piece, then glued and banged in.


This along with the binding install is only a few hours of work.