February 12, 2009

The 12string sat for 5 – 6 days after final application of lacquer  to “cure”.  I’m still learning to be a good applicator, and the downside on this one is that the finish is a bit rough.  Not too rough to sand through down to smooth, but, I have to sand down through to smooth.  It is the most unsatisfying block of hours one can imagine.  Mr. Instant Gratification is very sad.

I have some ideas on how to make it better on the next guitar, and if I’m right, I’ll have a properly applied lacquer finish that needs minimal sanding and buffing.

I’ve done 4 hours of 600 grit and 800 grit sanding, and still need to do some more before I go to the 1200 wet sanding then buffing.  I’m trying to get to a point where Tom can do a shoot, but he leaves for vacation Saturday night, and I’m wondering if I can make it.