February 15, 2009

I declare Guitar 805, the 12 string walnut dreadnought complete.  Sure there’s minute things I could go back and clean up, use tweezers and electron microscopes, etc., but I’m going to leave a few warts behind just to maintain my status as a flawed human.  Like my previous guitars, I see these things, but others may not.  I’ve been working so hard on this one to get it done on a deadline, that I’m ready to put it down.


The headstock turned out as hoped.  Once I first put the strings on, I recognized the need for a wee taller saddle.


I built a new saddle, dressed the frets, notched the bridge pin holes, sanded down the bridge, glued in the reshaped nut, reattached the strings and….it’s sweet.  It’s a heavy guitar, and next generations will be much lighter.  I will certainly profile my next necks to a much thinner depth.  This guitar will be fine for big hands, but not appropriate for the small boned.

Final step, put on the pickguard and nestle it in its case (after a throrough playing).