February 17, 2009

I have concluded that my next guitar will be a parlor for myself.  This guitar will incorporate all the lessons learned from the last 6 guitars and will be a jewel.  Slimmer neck, thinner back, sides and top, leaner bracing, all toward a better sound and playability.

It will be a mahogany top, koa back and sides, and very fancy purfling and curly maple binding.  I will not proceed until each step is executed to perfection.  I will NOT use any dolphin inlays or ergo shaping or new age soundhole placement.  This will be a “pre war” parlor which references tradition and will hopefully sound like an angel sighing in the wind…or not.

I have most of the components already assembled.  I ordered a koa back and sides from a local supplier, Notable Woods, and the rest of the necessities from LMI (see links).  I had a mahogany top which was not used for my last parlor, which I will use now.


I have a large stock of mahogony neck blanks which I have assembled to craft the neck.


This started as a large hunk ‘o mahogany, and I milled down to 3/4″ slats and attached the headstock at a 13 degree angle and built a laminate stack for the heel.


All this is a reward step for completing my last guitar and keeping the momentum going.  No rest for the bleary.