May 11, 2009

As a child, when all the cousins were together, Grandma used to line us all up on the couch in order of age and take pictures.  Over the years, we collected a progression of pictures of cousins on the couch when finally we were all too big to fit together and we had to start lining up in the yard.  We became known as the couch cousins.

I was fortunate enough to have all but one of my finished guitars in the house at the same time (except the 12 string dreadnought).  So I lined those cousins up on the couch and took a snap.


In order of age:  801, the OOO mahogany; 802, the rosewood OM; 803, the maple OM; 804, the koa parlor; (805 missing); 902, the unfinished koa mahogany parlor; and out of order, 901; the zebrawood resonator (also unfinished).