May 20, 2009

Work, work, work.  I’ve got time on my hands, and progress is being made.

First, for Beth’s guitar, all is well.  I have produced the absolute best rosette ever.


This photo may not reveal the quality, but it is flawless.  I’m proud of the tight BWB and abalone inlay which is absolutely tight and without gaps.  I give it a….ten.

Next is the top bracing.  I’ve got some dimensions worth considering.  The top and sides are a bit thick.  Know that this is intentional.  It’s not a lazy man’s attempt to justify not bringing them down to size.  I’ve got some input which indicates that with a spectacular spruce top, it can be left thick with slight bracing and the sound will be impressive.  Given that I have a spectacular spruce top and bracing that is world class, I’m going to venture into the thickish top with trimmed down bracing.


This photo shows the bracing placed before gluing.


As I proceeded with the gluing, I did do a little shaping beforehand.  I will take a chisel to these big boys and reduce them considerably.090520brace.jpg

The back (koa) has been joined and it is a beautiful piece of work that refuses to be interrupet by a center strip.


Looks a little like a vagina, eh?  I was thinking that from now on I would only pick back wood that Georgia O’Keefe would approve of.  I only inserted this comment to see if you were paying attention.  Are you?

I wanted to talk a little about dimensions.  Here’s what I determined, and executed for thicknesses.  For the sides, I went a bit thick, for constructional integrity, even though the guitar may seem a little heavy in the end.  (insert:  even though thick, the bending went exceptionally well).  3mm or (I’ve been instructed to think in thousandsths) .120″  The top, 3.2mm or .130″.  The back will bear the brunt of thinness, 2.7mm or .110″.

All this said, it is once again an excercise in produciing a “sound”.  Unfortunately for the guitar builder, this is unrealized until the final steps.  I have input which says grand soundboards love to be thick, but I will only know once this puppy is strung.

Stand by, but I think I’m going to like this guitar.