May 23, 2009

After clamping/gluing the koa headplate, measured for neck taper and cut out on the bandsaw.


I’m going to leave the koa headplate without any logo or inlay, but will bind with ebony and abalone.


I had to make an order for the binding and abalone purfling, which should arrive next week.

Notched out the body and kerfing to accept the back bracing which I left a little proud, rather than disappearing before hitting the kerf.  I think the back needs the brace/kerf connect to support the 15′ radius.  I will although bring the top bracing down to the top which will create a top only ring without bracing before it meets the kerfing.


I still have some serious brace shaving to do on the top.  Tomorrow, shaving, then assembling the top and back to the sides.