September 8, 2009

Beth!  This progress on Carol’s guitar means yours is next.  As of tomorrow, it will be buffed, neck installed and bridge installed waiting for strings.  I learned a whole lot while finishing and doing the setup for Carol’s guitar, at least about the value of making sure all glue squeezeout is fully washed off before drying.

Guitar 902 has all components installed and is ready for detailed setup and cleanup.  The strings are on, the saddle is roughly to shape, the nut is notched and dry fit onto the neck, and it will sit with the strings on for a few days, to settle in, before I fine tune the setup, trim the frets, level the frets, crown the frets, and polish up the fretboard.  The bridge needs to be “blackened” (ebony these days can be a little streaky), and the body needs to be resanded and repolished to remove the detritus from the neck and bridge install.  Finally, the body grunge will be evacuated with compressed air, and the wonderful sMg label will be installed, and Carol can wrap her stubby little fingers around it and play her Joni Mitchell songs.