September 17, 2009

Saturday is Carol’s birthday.  It was not my intention to finish her guitar for her birthday, but circumstances have allowed this to be coincidental.  So, happy birthday Carol, here’s your present.

I’m reluctant to say any guitar is finished.  There’s always more to be done, so I’ve decided I won’t declare completion, rather turnover.  I turn the guitar over to you Carol, and fortunately, I’m very near, and can do all those tweaks and changes that scream out to be made.  Like that little buzz on the 9th fret on the first string….if it doesn’t heal itself, I’ll work it out for you.

It’s now in your hands, and I hope you play it often.  It should be our family room guitar, always in the stand right next to the couch, so you can pick it up any time your laptop is rebooting, and play a little tune.