September 16, 2009

904 is ready to go through the final setup.  I put on the strings after notching the nut and prepping the bridge.  I don’t have the final saddle in place, but that’s part of the final setup tomorrow.


I’ve asked Beth about the pickguard options and whether she wants a strap peg.  Below are two possibilities for pickguards:  black or tortoise.



I also need to mention that this guitar is a zero fret guitar; which means that there is a fret at the zero position where normally the nut would reside.  This (according to lore) gives each string the same sound basis, whether it is open or fretted.  Take a close look at the first picture and you will see there is a fret very near the nut.  The strings come off the nut and lay on that zero fret.  Now I haven’t yet fine tuned the setup, and the saddle is still not rounded, so the sound is not finalized, but I can say it has a real nice bass end and a warm treble, which over time will be even more resonant.  I’ll let you know after the final setup how this comes out.