July 6, 2010

Well finally, a long awaited repair is complete.  I tackled a neck reset on this Gretsch New Yorker, which I took in 6 months ago.  It was the first attempt to steam off a dovetail neck and reset with the proper neck angle.  I must say that it is a fine result, and it sounds and plays much finer than what I started with.

There was the unfortunate issue of a new side crack due to the removal of the neck (previous neck reset was glued much too muchly).  But I was able to reset the crack and repaint the sides to hide the slight damage done with the neck removal.


A little black lacquer after careful crack filling made this unfortunate blemish disappear.


The previous neck reset added lots of shims and such, but eventually the neck bowed and the guitar became unplayable.  I was able to restore the proper neck angle, yet there’s still a bit of a down movement to the fretboard from 14 to 20.

The end result is a guitar that plays very well, with a reasonable clean up of the mishkabibble from the new crack from the neck removal.


I’m hoping the owner will find it eminently playable.  Not necessarily beautiful, but better than it arrived.