September 1, 2010

I’ve already generated some interest in ukes, and several clients are awaiting the outcome of the first few before making a commitment.  I’ve gathered some plans and materials to start building tenor ukes.

The first will be a Bubinga back and sides with an Engelman spruce top.


Once this first “test uke” passes final inspection, I’ll make any necessary adjustments and build a couple of koa ukes with some mighty fine stock I procured from my friend Bruce at Notable Woods.  I may be presumptive calling Bruce my friend, but I have used lots of his wood (koa and walnut) and did pay him a visit on Lopez to hand pick the uke wood.


This is the stock I’ll use for the backs and tops (enough for two ukes).


The side wood is nicely flamed and should produce some handsome ukes.

I found a supplier in Hawaii which sells slotted fretboards and mahogany neck stock.