November 27, 2010

The top is glued to the neck before attaching sides.  The top nestles into the top of the neck, which is a one piece spanish heel design.  The top and neck are indexed with pins to keep the top from skating when gluing and clamping.



Once the neck and top are joined, the sides can be glued using a special workboard designed for the soprano uke using a spanish heel.  The top and neck are laid face down on the workboard, which has two waist clamps to push the sides together, into the spanish heel slots and against the heel block which has already been glued in place.


After one side has been glued and clamped, the other side is installed.  Spool clamps hold the sides against the top, and C clamps hold the sides against the heel block.


Kerfing will be added to secure the joint between the top and the sides.