December 11, 2010

I think I’ll give this uke a name, other than Test Uke.  I’ve always resisted anthropomorphizing my possessions, as it puts too much pressure on them.  They lament, they worry, they feel like they just can’t live up to a name.  But, fuck ’em.  I’m going to call this uke Stutter.  Stutter just can’t seem to finish a phrase.  Each step has one little thing that could be better.  Sure, if you stand back everything looks great.  Get a little closer, and you feel bad for the little feller.  Because of Stutter, the world will be a better place.  Every uke that comes after Stutter will have learned from him and be better for it.

I believe, actually, that Stutter will sound great, and be fun to play.  Maybe his name will change, and be more about his looks than his voice.  Until then, he’s Stutter.


I installed the fretwire after shaping the soundhole end of the fretboard.  I’m using a mandolin fretwire, hoping to see if this gauge would be better than a standard guitar fretwire.  The next uke will use standard, and I can compare.

Using the amazing rubber band, I glued the fretboard to the uke, and didn’t even need to index.