April 30, 2008

As mentioned earlier, I took too much off the top of the neck block which created a shallower upper body depth and left the neck proud when inserted into the neck block. I knew I was going to address this later when I discovered the error. I used a rasp to shave off 1/16″ on the rounded end of the tenon. The brought the neck down flush except for a mm proud on the right side which meant I needed the shave a bit off the tenon on the proud side and insert a shim on the opposite side to level the neck and still have a tight fit. I also had to open the holes up a bit to accomodate the fact that the nut holes dropped 1/16″. Also had to open up the hole for the truss rod as well. Dry fitted the neck and inserted the truss rod.

Next steps are to measure the distance between a straight edge set on the neck at the bridge location to assure the correct gap which indicates the neck angle is right. If not I’ll have to shave the portion of the neck that meets the upper body to create the correct angle.