May 12, 2008

Sunday, good day to work on a guitar.  Finally finished setting the pearl dots (even though they may not be entirely centered) and filled one depressed dot with epoxy, sanded to a baby soft smooth surface.  Used the Kinkaid recommended method of installing frets by first wetting the fret slot, dribbling in some yellow glue and banging them in, ends first, then working toward center.  I must say they went in much cleaner than the last attempt.  Snipped them back after some time curing, and dribbled black superglue into the exposed slots on the side of the fretboard.  Ready now to file down smooth against the fretboard sides, then taper each fret in preparation for top filing and recrowning.  I may take a break from the recrowning and start in on finish sanding the body and neck in preparation for finish.  Ooooh, I’m almost there.