May 4, 2008

Had a real good session yesterday, made grand progress. I set the neck, bolted on rather, and glued on the fretboard. Sanded and rasped the headstock, neck where it joins the fretboard, and it’s really looking nice. There is a slight bow to the fretboard starting where it meets the body and moves toward the rosette. This is due to a minor difference in the neck angle vs. the top of the body. I think this is acceptable, but will realize the problem’s significance only when I get the bridge on and the frets levelled.

Used my new drill press to drill the holes for the fretboard MOP dots. First thing I did was to drill the 5th fret dot slightly off center. How could I have done that? I measured, levelled, used masking tape with a whole bunch of guide lines, measured again, yet I still got it wrong. RATS. Maybe I’ll put a 1/4″ dot there which I will be able to center (Larger dot, centered will consume the smaller off center hole). Hmm, yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

Installed the Gotoh gold tuners and they really look nice. Carol has the camera, so I’ll take photos later tonight to document my progress visually.