May 15, 2008

I have engaged Larry in several design discussions.  One was on the end block trim, and we decided to craft a rosewood/maple/rosewood end trim to complement the rosewood binding.  Another opportunity is to come up with a groovy headstock shape.  I think this can add a bit of distinction to his guitar without getting too crazy.

My comments to Larry:  Tradition calls for the Martin style, like on my current OM, but you have a choice. When I insert the rosewood center trim, the width of the neck blank will be enough to allow us a large lattitude of shapes. Example would be your Taylor headstock shape, or a Gibson, or the ever goofy Hamer (goes to a point at the top and the tuners land exactly along the string line for all strings), or 6 on the right like Fender (we would have to buy different tuners). When we get together to pick colors, we can sketch headstocks. If for some reason you were interested in the Taylor shape, bring your guitar so we can make a trace.