May 17, 2008

First opportunity to install my own rosette.  Larry and I decided on using a lacewood ring as the centerpiece of the rosette for his OM Maple.  Carefully reviewed all DVD and book instructions and discussion about coating top with shellac to reduce tearout also claimed using a good spiral cut bit would preclude having to shellac.

As I have a lot of sanding to do to get the shellac off the Rosewood OM spruce top, I decided to forego the shellac and rout the channels raw.  I channelled the center slot for the lacewood first, glued and inlaid it in anticipation of routing the outer and inned channels flush against the lacewood for the BWB.


Clever, I thought, but I routed the inner channel slightly proud of the lacewood leaving a minute bit of spruce between the lacewood and the BWB.  I won’t know if this is visually yucky until I scrape down, sand, and finish.


Was very careful not to rout too deep as that error can result in going through the top.  The converse though creates a lot of work scraping and sanding down the purfling flush with the top.


The end result looks good, but we’ll see.  Next, scrape, sand, then cut out soundhole.