May 28, 2008

Larry came by and we experimented with water based color for staining his maple guitar. He wants green. We used Stewart McDonald Colortone water based stains, bright green, amber, tobacco brown and mahogany red in varying concentrations and percentages. Finally, a 75% green with 25% tobacco brown at 65% dilution turned out to be just the color we were looking for.

It’s the one on the big hunk o’ maple farthest to the right, but left of the scrap sitting on top.


The colors aren’t true in these photos, but you can see the variations we came up with using different combinations of the 4 basic colors.  Oddly, the mahogany red tended more toward brown than the tobacco.  With the 65% dilution we were able to retain some of the whiteness of the wood, avoiding the loss of the maple quality.  It’s still going to be green though.