June 2, 2008

Off goes the old headstcock veneer (generic ebony no frills) and on goes the new SMG logo headstock veneer.  I used the old “put an iron on the guitar” method which I have employed before to remove a fretboard/neck from an old Stella that needed a neck reset.  Iron on a cloth on the headstock, far enough away from the fretboard to avoid it coming loose.  About 35 minutes total heating time on high, and it came off nicely.  Did have some issues with the maple veneer getting annihilated and a small gouge in the mahogany headstock, but not something I can’t fill and hide.  Decided to glue on the new headstock plate without a veneer sandwich piece.  The original was a wee bit thick for the tuning machines, which is resolved without taking any stock off  the mahogany headstock.  Glued it up, clamped it up and it will sit overnight.