June 15, 2008

I’ve been reluctantly finishing my second guitar. Not that I don’t want to get the strings on and see how it sounds, but I’m doing my first brush on finish using KTM-9. The good thing, no odor, the bad thing, I’m not applying it well. So, my theory is that if I ignore it, it will heal. Well, it hasn’t healed. But, I did put a lot of time today toward sanding out the imperfections.

I found myself thinking I needed to abandon the brush technique halfway through, and invest in spray guns, compressors, and spray booths. I convinced myself to wait for the investment until after I’ve taken my class next week. I could learn something that sets me on an alternate path.

The results of my sanding session today were so good, I decided to continue with the brush method. So, three more coats before I once again decide to change direction, or stay the path.