June 1, 2008

Still haven’t moved on the finish on the OM Rosewood.  I’m too distracted by working on this maple.  I worked a bit on the back brace shaping, then moved to the cutout of the neck pieces from the humongous maple neck block.  The piece was large enough to craft two necks, and I’m glad there was as the first cut ended up with a headstock too thin and out of square.  Second go around of the cutout resulted in a near perfect, and square, neck cutout.  This is just the first part of an adventure I’ve not yet embarked upon.  I’ve got the tools and plenty of advice from the O’Brien DVD, the K. book, and the Cumpiano book, where I should have a modicum of success, if I take my time.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a break from the maple and get on the finish work for the next 3 lacquer coats for the rosewood.