December 29, 2008

Hey, it’s Rachel’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Rachel.  She is no longer a teenager, and she made it to twenty!

Completed the sanding of the lacquered neck and body through the 1200 wet sand then used my buffing wheel for the first time.  First, several passes with the fine compound and the muslin wheel, then finished off with the dormet and the very fine compound.  Oooh, looks great!



Since I chose to finish the neck and body separately, I needed to strip off the lacquer where the neck glues to the body.


First, mask off the area in preparation for the Stripeze.  Then apply the stripper, scrape off, apply again, then scrape off again.


Do a little sanding, practice dry fitting and clamping before applying glue (to the fretboard extension only, as I am using a bolt on neck).  Glue up the fretboard extension, bolt in lightly, apply clamps, tighten bolts, tighten clamps, tighten bolts, and….neck is installed.  It will now sit for a couple of hours before I take similar steps to install the bridge.