July 19, 2009

This date in history…today is St. Vincent de Paul day.  (Founder of the Lazarist Fathers and the Daughters of Charity (1576-1660)).

I was informed that this was a lazy man’s way to provide a topic for a daily post.  But it does provide a useful topic for today’s entry.  Charity.

Carl, don’t dismay, this isn’t charity, it’s desire.  Desire to make another guitar for a true friend.

I have come to an arrangement with my friend Carl to make him his own sMg guitar.  This will be guitar number 10 or 11, depending upon whether the “auction guitar” ever comes to fruition.  I have not yet been approached by the winner of the Phinney Community Center auction guitar.  I’m not sure how to follow up, whether I should let Phinney know, or to stand by until contacted.  That being said, I will retire guitar number 905 until the auction guitar is resolved.

So Carl, that means you are guitar 906.  When you peer into the sound hole and see the embossed serial number on the neck block, you can turn the guitar upside down, peer once again, and see that the serial number has not changed.

Carl and I have been working on materials and design and concluded that a parlor of koa (ooh, my most favorite) with lots of nice appointments is his future guitar.

I’m going to take my first journey of top pufling in paua.  This little guitar will shine.