August 5, 2009

I now have in hand all the components for Guitar 905.  As soon as I return from guitar camp (PSGW), I’ll start building.  I’ll be balancing my work between this guitar, Carl’s parlor, and the final setup for 901, 902 and 904.  As well, guitar 903 will get some attention.  I need to keep next steps for each guitar documented so that as one component sits and cures (after glue up), I can use the wait time to tackle another piece.  I plan to bring 3 guitars up to completion prior to spraying so I can maximize the time in the spray booth.

I now have multiple unassociated backs, sides and tops (not committed to a customer).  I have Engleman parlor tops, sitka spruce tops, and a redwood sinker top.  For back and side sets, I have East Indian rosewood, ziricote, mayan walnut, and claro walnut.  Oooh, so many opportunities.